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Are we going tonight for Yogg or not? That was the question still 15 minutes before raid time.

Hmm, don't like going to Yogg tonight... Nah, no loot... Sure, we still need to finish Ulduar... Don't you want our guild to be 13/13 on Ulduar? These were the responses. One of our raiders was in the first category, so all of a sudden we had a problem getting the right amount of DPS. Where to find the last raider? But then our almost lost-one came online, clearly sent by some one... We had a raid good to go!

After a few tries getting our act together on the clouds, we got our first time to phase three! That felt good! We are able to get him (her)... And so we did a few attempts later. Yeah, we killed Yogg!

We are glad that we decided to go! The Neighbours have cleared Ulduar, thanks to Darkmor, Entropie, Kellik, Madretsma, Menhit, Pluismagi, Skoulamenzo, Snerla, Tiwanaku and Undyingmagic!

Monday, 19 August 2019 06:33