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One of the key concepts of a guild is that you help each other. Neighbours is no exception and we tell all new members that we have very few rules, we are supposed to have fun, help each other and there is no begging allowed.

The last three elements start to be in conflict when low levels are asking high levels for boosts, so they can level more quickly, get special items or do a quest. There is not much fun for a high level to do these boosts, although we have high level guildies that are very nice, friendly and helpful. Asking for help in this case could be very close to begging. In stead of begging for money, it is begging for help.

Advice for low levels
1. Do not beg for help from high levels
2. You learn by doing, not by having high levels do the work for you
3. You can ask for advice and tips from high levels
4. Try to team up with people close to your own level

Monday, 19 August 2019 06:12